Lot Number:17
Start Time:2/20/2022 1:30:00 AM
Bid Count:10
Starting Bid:$1,000.00
Bid Increment:$25.00
Current Bid:$1,400.00x 5= $7,000.00
Bidding complete

Consigned by:

Custer State Park

Chad Kremer, Herd Manager

Custer, SD • (605) 431-0057


(5) Head of Heifer Calves, all to go in lot.

100 Pink

10/14/21 weight: 378 pounds

2/1/22 weight: 540 pounds


38 Pink

10/14/21 weight: 446 pounds

2/1/22 weight: 550 pounds


74 Pink

10/14/21 weight: 392 pounds

2/1/22 weight: 490 pounds


97 Pink

10/14/21 weight: N/A

2/1/22 weight: 465 pounds


96 Pink

10/14/21 weight: N/A

2/1/22 weight: 432 pounds


All heifers are OCV (Official Calfhood Vaccinates for Brucellosis). They have tested negative for Brucellosis, BVD and TB. Heifers all received the M. Bovis, Pyramid 5 +Presponse and Vision 7 w/20/20 vaccinations. All were wormed with Dectomax injectable wormer.

There are no bids for the lot at this time

No donations for this lot


Featuring the Young Guns Yearling Breeding Bull Challenge and Premier Heifer Offering 


Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Box Elder, SD

Offering Approximately:

(16) Young Guns Performance Tested Yearling Bulls

(5) Heifer Calves

(15) Yearling Heifer

(5) Two Year Old Bred Heifers


Consignors Include:
777 Bison Ranch, Hermosa, SD; Antelope Creek Bison, Mission, SD; Cold Creek Buffalo Company, Cheyenne, WY; Custer State Park, Custer, SD; Heartland Bison Ranch, Rugby, ND; Holcomb Buffalo Ranch, Buffalo, SD; Heim Land & Bison, Wood, SD; Lone Tree Bison, Cheyenne, WY; Mosquito Park Enterprises, Vivian, SD; Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch, Limon, CO; Stonewall Bison, Cheyenne, WY; Tatonka Bison Ranch, Melville, Sask.

Text "auction" to 800-956-7784 to receive auction updates!

Bidding will be US DOLLARS PER HEAD. All animals to be paid for in guaranteed funds prior to load out. On site buyers will pay in full at the conclusion of the auction. Online buyer payment method will be wire transfer of funds to seller. Payment in full must be made no later than the end of business day on Monday, February 21, 2022. Successful bidders will be notified at the conclusion of the auction via email with an invoice and payment instructions. It is the buyer's responsibility to notify auction company if the physical receiving address is different from your bidder registration address. This is to ensure that health paperwork is valid.


Animals will be available for load out at the conclusion of the auction once payment in full has been made. Ownership and complete responsibility of the sold animals transfer to buyer upon the, (1) payment by buyer, and (2) loading of animals on buyer's trailer.


DTBA act only as agents and will assume NO RESPONSIBILITY in the event of injury or death to an animal or of a discrepancy between the buyer and the consignor. The consignor bears all risk of injury or loss for each buffalo until the Auctioneer announces it is sold. Thereafter the buffalo is the property of the buyer and the buyer thereafter bears all risk of injury or loss. Every precaution will be taken to safeguard the welfare of the bison sold. The DTBA, Auctioneer and Central States Fairgrounds assume no responsibility for accidents or losses that may occur.

580 Watiki Way
Box Elder, South Dakota 57719
United States

A paid in full receipt will be required for load out. Please make load-out arrangements when you pay for your animals at the conclusion of the auction.

Load out will begin at 8 a.m. on Sunday, February 20 and go until 3 p.m. No animals will be loaded after that. All animals must be removed from the holding site by 3 p.m. on Sunday unless other arrangements have been made. If animals are not removed by 3 p.m. on Sunday, a $100 per head, per day fee will be imposed.

Online bidders need to make arrangements for payment and transportation prior to bidding!