Lot Number:3
Start Time:11/13/2023 4:00:00 PM
Bid Count:3
Starting Bid:$1,200.00
Bid Increment:$25.00
Current Bid:$1,100.00x 19= $20,900.00
Bidding complete

(57) Head of Mature Bred OCV (Official Calfhood Vaccinates for Brucellosis) Cows, gate cut at loadout.

Weights range from 780 to 1310 pounds with an average of 1090 pounds. Total weight on the group is 62,150 pounds.

Cows are 8 to 12 years old. (1) 2015; (55) 2013; (1) 2011.

Buyers can take from five to all animals in this lot, gate cut at loadout. 

Cows were vaccinated with Ultrabac 7, Triangle 5, Citadel VL5 HB, and Newport Labs Mycoplasma bovis and Newport Labs Pinkeye vaccine. They were wormed with Synanthic Suspension 22.5% (oral drench de-wormer).

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Pawhuska, OK


Monday, November 13, 2023 • 10:00 a.m. CT


(88) Heifer Calves (born spring 2023)

(48) Yearling Heifers (2022 born)

(57) Bred Cows (8-12 years old)


See lot listings for complete health and weight information.

Text '"auction" to 800-956-7784 to receive auction updates!

Should you determine that you are not able to adhere to all the terms and conditions, DO NOT BID! Once you bid, you will be legally bound by the following terms and conditions.

Bidding will be US DOLLARS PER HEAD, (X times the number of animals in the lot) and the buyer may take from two head to the entire lot. Please see lot information for specific details. All animals to be paid for in guaranteed funds prior to load out. Payment method will be wire transfer of funds to The Nature Conservancy. Payment in full must be made within 24 hours of the conclusion of the auction, no later than the end of business day on Tuesday, November 14, 2023. Successful bidders will be notified at the conclusion of the auction via email with payment instructions and an invoice. It is the buyer's responsibility to notify the auction company if the physical receiving address is different from your bidder registration address. This is to ensure that health paperwork is valid. All animals to be paid for in guaranteed funds prior to load out.

 Animals must be removed before November 18, 2023. Buyer must provide bank receipt of wire transfer prior to loadout.  Buyer is responsible to provide adequate transportation, providing for the safety and welfare of animals during transportation. Failure to provide adequate transportation that accounts for the capacity and condition of such transportation, gives TNC the right to deny loading of animals if such minimal conditions of transportation are not met. TNC assumes no liability for loss and damage to any personal property or equipment of buyer or buyer’s employees, agents, or subcontractors.

Ownership and complete responsibility of the sold animals transfers to buyer upon the, (1) payment by buyer, and (2) loading of animals on buyer's trailer.

Except as separately and explicitly agreed to by TNC, Buyer may not identify TNC as the source of bison [ except as required by third parties to verify genetics of the bison for breeding purposes]. Without the prior written approval of the Conservancy, Buyer may not invite or bring third parties ( other than employees, agents or subcontractors of buyer) to participate, observe, photograph, record or otherwise be present on the conservancy property.

15316 County Road 4201
Pawhuska, Oklahoma 74056
United States

All animals must be removed on or before November 18, 2023. Animals not removed by the deadline will incur a $15 per head per day fee until they are removed. 

To schedule a loadout date, contact Preserve Director, Bob Hamilton at (918) 440-9901 once payment in full has been made and verified.